Our transport insurance

Affordable transport insurance that’s worth your while!

Insure your shipment for just 2% of the value of the goods*

Severe thunderstorms and erratic weather patterns are on the rise. And mother nature doesn’t spare road, sea and air traffic. Unfortunately theft is also not that uncommon… and if you do end up with damaged goods, it is a relief to know you have transport insurance with a partner who’s there for you to solve the problem.

We therefore recommend taking out transport insurance to insure your goods during transit – just in case. The insurance premium is calculated based on 2% of the value of your goods*.

It is important that you state the real value of your goods (not less or more) as the insurance will ask for a pro-forma invoice or receipt when processing your claim.

Our insurance sets in as soon as the item is collected, and ends with the delivery of the shipment. It is applicable both in Germany and around the world, for air, sea, road and rail traffic.

You can find more information on our insurance policy here.

PLEASE NOTE: Unpackaged items cannot be insured. In such instances, the shipment can only be transported with a signed disclaimer.

*Minimum amount 6€ incl. VAT for a value of 300

What to do in case of damaged goods?

Should your goods get damaged during transport, please follow these steps.

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