Ich Will Grosses Bewegen – do-it-yourself packaging

Packing is not rocket science – anyone can do it

Before we collect your goods, they need to be securely packaged for transport. So naturally, we get asked if we also offer packaging services. Unfortunately not. But that shouldn’t stop you from sending whatever it is you want to send. Because – like cooking – anyone can pack. Sometimes you just need a little bit of help…

We’ve got several Ich Will Grosses Bewegen do-it-yourself packaging options for you*:

Do-it-yourself packaging kits 16,99€** and 12,99€**:

Both boxes include all the necessary packaging material:

  • The actual box which can be repurposed (We’re all about recycling!)
  • 10m bubble wrap
  • A roll of super strong packing tape

The bigger box also includes two tie-down straps. This box is ideal for shipping pallets and should be ordered along with our pallet.

When booking your transport just add the small or large box to your order, and we’ll make sure it gets to you before your shipment is collected.

You’ll also get step-by-step guides on how to package items such as household appliances, tyres, bicycles, etc.


Plastic pallet 24,99€**:

Our plastic pallets are ideal for shipments weighing up to 800kg, and can be reused.

Why would you need a pallet? Anything over 30kg needs to be placed on a pallet and tied down – ideally with tie-down straps, which are included in our large box.


Bicycle box 39,99€*:

This box, made from sturdy brown karton, is ideal for bicycle shipping. It’s meant for bicycles measuring up to 180 x 23 x 100 cm (l x w x h). It can be easily picked up and carried thanks to cutouts on the sides. When packing your bicycle, it’s best to remove the wheels, pedals and saddle and turn the handlebars to the side.

If your shipment is securely packaged for transport, you’ll have less to worry about. However, we do recommend taking out a transport insurance, just to be on the safe side.

If you are unable to package your goods, we can only transport them with a signed disclaimer and won’t be able to offer you transport insurance.

*Images are representations only and products may therefore vary.
**Pricing includes VAT and shipping within Germany.

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