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– For small to medium enterprises –

We’ll take the load off!

From experience we know how tedious and time-consuming arranging a shipment can be, which is why we developed our nifty shipping costs configurator. By inputting some basic information, like the measurements and addresses, you’ll immediately get a cost indication*, for free. No waiting around for someone to get back to you.

It doesn’t get any easier than this!

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How it works:


What are you sending?

We need to know the size, weight and quantity of your shipment.


From where to where?

We also need to know the collection and delivery address, if possible with postal code.


Your price

You’ll immediately get a price for your transport, which you can also book straight away.

We offer:

From and to the curbside

We work with international, renowned freight forwarders. We collect from your door and deliver to the recipient, from point A to point B – within Germany, Europe and worldwide. This includes the handling of all relevant questions and necessary documents (apart from those which need to be supplied by the consignor). With our experienced team of logistics experts, we are able to offer you as much support as needed.