Shipping pallets – Our area of expertise

Some items, such as household appliances or tyres, are too bulky to send with a standard parcel service. We recommend using pallets to transport these goods. Using our nifty shipping configurator, you can calculate the costs* involved.

Whether Europallet, one-way pallet, industrial pallet, custom-made pallet, pallet box, wooden or plastic… We take them all.

What do our transports include?

  • Germany, Europe and worldwide shipping
  • Collection from the curbside (and delivery to the curbside)
  • Collection and delivery Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
  • Prior telephonic arrangement with consignor and consignee
  • Personalised customer service
  • Customer account with shipment tracking

You can also give us permission to collect or drop-off your package so you don’t have to physically be there when we come by.

Why should you use a pallet?

Pallets are standardised, which means that freight forwarders worldwide can load and unload them easily. Instead of transporting several smaller units individually, one pallet is shipped. This speeds up the delivery time. Less manual handling also minimises the chance of damage. What’s more, if packed correctly, pallets are easy to stack, making them more efficient for storage purposes.

The most commonly used pallets are Euro pallets & one-way pallets – where’s the difference?

A Euro pallet is the standard European pallet, as specified by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). It measures 120 x 80 x 14,44 cm in size and carries a EUR symbol. It can be returned, exchanged or reused.

One-way or disposable pallets are intended for single use only and cannot be returned or exchanged.

IMPORTANT: We do ask that you please pack your own goods beforehand, ready for collection. Packages weighing more than 30kg might need to be strapped to a pallet so that the driver can easily lift it. You can add this product when placing your order.

Packaging tips – prepping your pallet for shipment:


Choose a good-quality, undamaged pallet. Ensure that the goods are safely secured to the pallet, using a safety belt and/or stretch wrap/foil.


When stacking boxes on a pallet, please make sure this forms a single, inseparable unit and that items do not reach beyond the pallet edges.


We also recommend protecting the base of the pallet against backsplash, either with cardboard or water repellent plastic material.

*Our price estimate is dependent on the parameters you enter, the price may therefore vary.

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